Best Creative Salads in Provincetown

Tired of a house or Caesar salad? Check out these creations at the Cape's tip.

For the health conscious, vegetable lovers, or just light eaters and vegetarians, eating out can pose challenges. The heavier fare of restaurants may not appeal to all. However, more and more restaurants are getting into the healthy trend, and where better to experience the trendy and cutting edge than Provincetown?

We have culled together some of the most creative (and delicious) salads in Provincetown (Caesars, gardens, chefs, and other staples are not included in this list!).

  1. Fanizzi's Restaurant By the Sea: Curried Chicken salad from Fanizzi’s is a real winner. For the diner looking for something with a bit of a kick, but not so spicy as to overpower the salad. The salad is $12.99.
  2. Patio: An honorable mention from Patio is their Chop Chop Salad ($11.95), which is a nice take on the common Chef’s Salad. However, the real stand-out is the Arugula Salad ($13.95). The hearts of palm and pickled red onion really make this dish sing.
  3. Karoo Kafe: The Power Salad ($8.95) at the Karoo Kafe is a winner not only because of its price, but because of what it offers. Forget the wimpy lettuce and tomato in a light vinaigrette, this salad brings a much more ethnic feel to the table. The salad is high in protein (a plus for folks who don’t indulge in meat) and very filling. One of the best deals in Provincetown.
  4. Bubala’s By the Bay: One of the most popular restaurant’s in Provincetown, Bubala’s has earned its reputation by serving up delightful food.  The Thai Chicken Salad ($12.95) is another asian fusion dish that offers something light yet filling on a hot summer’s day. The Fresh Tuna Salad ($14.95) conjures up India with its west Indian spice-rubbed tuna, yet doesn’t fully indulge, reeling the taste in with herbs and a buttermilk-dill dressing.
  5. Tiny’s: With plenty of creative and delicious offerings, it is no surprise that two of the most creative salad’s and Provincetown come from Tiny’s. The quinoa salad is hearty and scrumptious, as well as packed with protein. It’s a lunch item that will really help you make it through the late day slump.
    The Nicoise (not unique, but still amazing) is another filling option that will delight tastebuds.
  6. The Mews: Although there are plenty of salads on the menu at the Mews, two really stood out. The Ahi Tuna Salad with Rice Noodles ($14) brings asian fusion taste to a light and refreshing dish. Meanwhile, the Duck Breast and Sundried Cherries salad ($13) is a sophisticated menu item that brings it’s flavors together harmoniously.

As is to be expected, there are some salads that are surely creative and did not make the cut. And, given Provincetown’s reputation for being new and exciting, there will be plenty of new offerings in the future that will try to out-do the salads on this list.

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