Family Fun at Wackenhammer's

Antiques don’t have to be boring; Wackenhammer’s Arcade & Carousel in Hyannis is proof enough of this. “[It’s] a unique family attraction and not your typical arcade,” says Leslie Bondaryk, Owner and Game Designer. “We emphasize play and exploration, activities that get kids moving around, and games that engage creativity.” Featuring an antique carousel, an assortment of kiddie rides and classic games, including skeeball, air hockey, and Pac-Man, Wackenhammer also builds many of its own unique games. New this year is Otto’s Enchanted Castle; one part shooting gallery, one part haunted house, and one part puzzle game.

Wackenhammer’s goal is to provide fun and even education to families of all ages. Many of the games double as teaching tools. The yodeling treadwall teaches the names of the highest mountains in the world as you race the clock. Bondaryk gives another example. “There are a set of wind tubes that let children explore flow; this is a great game for teaching problem solving and cooperation.”

The shows are another highlight. “On Saturday evenings in July and August, we offer free shows, usually hosted by Prof. Wackenhammer, featuring a variety of musicians, jugglers, puppeteers, and other acts the whole family can enjoy.” Dr. Wackenhammer’s shows are especially fun, as he often incorporates audience participation as he demonstrates his latest inventions.

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