Bowling and Games at Ryan's Amusements

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Ryan’s Amusements is great for indoor fun, rain or shine. There are nine locations, and the Falmouth one offers twelve bowling lanes and an arcade game room, as well as room for birthday parties. “We’ve been there more than 20 years now,” says Mike Crowley, General Manager. “I think we’re actually more about family fun than other places.”

All twelve lanes are dedicated to traditional candlepin bowling, with optional bumper ramps for kids. “We really try to emphasize the whole family. Bowling is something everyone can do.” The adults can enjoy beer and wine while they play. Mystic Bowling on Fridays and Saturdays turns any bowling party into a light and sound show.

The game room brings its own round of fun, featuring 35 of the hottest arcade games in Cape Cod. Crowley says, “The games are interactive. We really emphasize games with competition and where you can win prizes.” The kids can take on Mom and Dad for house bragging rights, or win tickets to earn cool prizes. And don’t think you’ll find just the old-school arcade games like Pac-Man; they make sure to keep up with the latest games. “The game business is always changing. We find a lot of new games are based on phone apps.”

Probably one of the best reasons to pay Ryan’s Amusements a visit is their weekly community fundraisers. “We set aside Friday nights for fundraisers, and it’s something we’d love to do more of at all of our locations,” says Crowley. When you pay for admission, half the proceeds go to that week’s group, whether it be a school or community event. It’s an awesome way to enjoy a fun night of bowling and games while giving back to the community.

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