Haunted Cape Cod

If you like things that go bump in the night, Cape Cod is the place for you--anytime of the year! 

Although more concentrated around Halloween, there are ghostly events all year-round, including guided tours of historic cemeteries, author talks and other fun events. 

Not scary enough? Dare to spend the night in a haunted inn or dine in a ghostly tavern.

Many local "haunts" (pun intended) are reputed to host to the spirits of men, women and children from long ago.

Strike up a conversation with a local Cape Codder and you'll surely hear tales of creaking floorboards, mysterious footsteps, ghostly voices and eerie shadows.

Check out the "local" section of any bookstore and you'll find a variety of guides to the afterlife--Cape Cod style.

Halloween is always a spooky time of year, but the Cape's ghostly residents make their presence known throughout the year.

In the past several years, the popularity of ghost hunting has increased, and one of the most popular paranormal television shows has filmed episodes here on the Cape. TAPS (the Atlantic Paranormal Society) has conducted investigations at the Orleans Inn in Orleans and the Colonial House Inn in Yarmouth Port.

Here are a few curious Cape Cod tales to get you started...

The Orleans Inn, Orleans

Several years ago, the inn employed a bartender named Fred who hanged himself. Apparently Fred chose to die at his place of employment for a reason because he is still hanging around. Present day employees of the inn know of the legend and one waitress even said good-night to Fred one night. Mysteriously enough, he responded in his own, "Goodnight..."

Simmons Homestead Inn, Hyannisport

A 7-year-old girl drowned in the lake on that property in 1833 and her spirit lives on in the old home. Her name is Sarah and she has long brown hair and wears a white gown. She only appears about once a year, but if you are lucky, maybe she'll try and talk to you.

Captain Linnell House Restaurant, Orleans

This fine dining establishment was originally the home of the great seafaring Captain Ebenezer Linnell and his wife, Rebecca. One fateful night Captain Linnell set out to sea and died a most horrific death when he was struck by a sail that crushed him against the wheel, impaling his body with a spoke. Today the restaurant is haunted by Rebecca, who still sits out on the widow's walk awaiting her husband's return from sea.

1716 Barnstable House

In 1974, a fire broke out in the building during a winter snowstorm. The Barnstable Fire Department arrived on the scene to save this historic building. When they arrived, they witnessed a blond woman in one of the upstairs rooms dressed in 1900s apparel. Once the firefighters reached the room, the woman completely disappeared. No body was ever found.

Courtesy of the Best Read Guide Cape Cod.